Mood Boosting Books

Mood Boosting booksThese  books have been chosen by readers across the country for their uplifting and mood-boosting qualities. The list, pulled together by The Reading Agency, features non-fiction, fiction, short stories, classics, childrens books and even a cook book.

Aberdeenshire’s Wellbeing Festival runs from 16th. to 22nd.May, with a range of exciting activities in Aberdeenshire libraries .
The theme is ‘relationships’, so why not take a closer look at our  Mood Boosting Books and renew your relationship with libraries, books and reading. If you’re unable to make it along to an event you can spend time with a book. Reading for pleasure is a great time-out activity for all ages,  a great therapy and costs nothing.

If you wish, you can  join an online  conversation  about the books at #moodboosting

The Reading Agency’s reading groups for everyone  is a great source of information for all sorts of reading promotions and recommendations- you don’t have to be in a reading group to use it. We all love to know what other folk are reading and enjoying!


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