Hard Vrocht Grun


A new World War One resource for schools, the Hard Vrocht Grun, was launched last week by Aberdeenshire Council’s Heritage Education Partnership – Libraries, Archives, Registrars, Arts Education and individual researchers.

The purpose of the resource is to guide pupils through study and encourage further research using local sources to find out what life was like in Aberdeenshire during the Great War years.

The resource covers three subject area, each with a topic booklet, discussing how to research and report on the topic, and copies of original, contemporary documents. The subject areas are “Objection and exemption”, “Work, food and poverty in wartime” and “Loss, return and commemoration”

Every Aberdeenshire secondary school will soon have HVG3copies of the packs and anyone can download copies free from the North East Folklore Archive site.

The resource is designed for schools but it includes a lot of  fascinating information which might surprise you.

Did you know, for example, that there was a work camp for conscientious objectors at Dyce in 1916?

Or that captured German guns put on display in Stonehaven were thrown off the cliffs into the sea?

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