Summer Reading Challenge Winners

The winding tunnel went on and on like some terrifying carnival ride, twisting and turning, faster and faster. Then suddenly, I was plunged into darkness and falling. Over and over I went, my arms spinning and my legs pedalling madly in mid-air as I dropped. Down. Down…

Author Deborah Leslie wrote this opening paragraph for our Summer Reading Challenge competition this year. The overall Aberdeenshire winners finished the story off with great creativity and flair.

The third place winner drew a picture. Her character went down, down and landed in the middle of picnic, where everyone shouted at her for landing on the cake. The humour behind this and the vivid colours used meant the picture was a sure winner.An

Second place went to a very inspired entry where the main character landed in the sea where she met a cook during war time. The story has a lovely twist that both surprised and impressed the judges.

Em1 em2 em3



The overall Aberdeenshire winner made great use of language, description and had an impressive flair for writing. Her story was full of twists and turns with the main character travelling both backward and forward through time – a thoroughly entertaining read.

Sabrina - cover

Sab1 sab2 sab3 sab4 sab5 sab6 sab7 sab8 sab9

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