Meeting the Authors

On a sunny Saturday in September, we held our fourth ‘meet the authors’ Readers Day event. It goes without saying that authors and audience were the main components of the day and all were superb. Westhill Library as a venue was amazing – there was a great atmosphere with lots of discussion and much consuming of tea and cakes.







Everyone had a chance to spend time with each of the three authors, to swap books and stories,  complete a quiz and buy books by the authors.

Our authors, Catherine Deveney, Laura Marney and Esther Woolfson had an intense but enjoyable (so they said) afternoon as they talked to their various groups of very lively and interested readers.

They all entertained us with readings and insights into how they write and get inspiration and answered lots of questions throughout the afternoon.
Everyone who attended had an excellent time and enjoyed hearing about the author’s experiences and also thought it would make them read books they hadn’t known about.
If you want to try something different then find these authors on  the online library catalogue and give them a go.


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