“Whose Turn for the Stairs”

We like to know what people are reading and what they think of the book as it can inspire us to read new things.
Hazel from the Turriff Wordzworthies Reading Group has shared her views of ‘Whose Turn for the Stairs’ by Robert Douglas.

whose turn for the stairs“Everyone knows I that I am not a great lover of novels, but I simply loved this one! This was a well crafted, meticulously researched tale with a fly on the wall approach based on the author’s own childhood memories of his life in a poor Glaswegian tenement in the 1950’s. The stories were housed in a series of beautifully observed, crisply focused vignettes which were in turn warm, funny, compassionate and touching.

Admittedly, deciphering the Glaswegian vernacular slowed me down a bit but that did not stop me enjoying the multitude of characters that wove in and out of each other’s daily lives almost in the manner of a TV soap. I could not help loving some of these exquisitely drawn and vivid character, and in particular my favourite, Granny Thompson, whose wise insights into the hearts and lives of others never failed to enchant.

My favourite scenes will remain in my memory for a long time. For example, who could forget the visit to the ‘steamie’ in Gairbraid Av? (p103) Of the account of a First Footing (p118) or the game of draughts between William and Uncle Andrew. (p135). Other scenes brought to the surface many of my own long buried memories, and in particular Miss Pentland’s romantic visits to Stuarts Grocery shop (p163). Whilst I have never conducted a romance in a grocery shop, (although I do remain hopeful!) I certainly recall similar shops, correct to the minutest detail, from my own youth in the 1950’s”

“Altogether a delightful read!”

If you have read this one then let us know what you think of it. And please share your views on other titles too

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