Macduff Almanack 1912

Title pageA reader recently brought a copy of the Macduff Almanack for 1912 into Macduff Library to show to staff. They wished to retain the booklet but were happy for us to scan it so that we can have access and make the contents available.

The book is amazing and gives a unique insight to the extraordinary range of shops, businesses and services which were available in and around Macduff at the time; including butchers, bakers, jewellers, ships chandlers, grocers, stationers. tobacconists, booksellers, newsagents, furniture shops, drapers, photographers, chemists, printers, painters and decorators, carpenters, blacksmiths, manufacturers of aerated waters, plumbers, bellhangers, ironmongers, shoe and boot shops, millers and many more.

The booklet also lists the clubs which were flourishing in Macduff in 1912, with details of contacts, and organisations such as the Town Council and Magistrates, the Women’s Guild and so on.

Ladies tailor

There is also a brief guide to the   history and buildings of the town and the area round about and a number of illustrations.

My favourite advert is this one for Albert Wilson, a ladies’ tailor in Carmelite Street, Banff, which shows just the sort of  outfits well-dressed ladies in Macduff still wear for a Sunday afternoon promenade!              

Do you have any treasures you might like to share with us?

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